Monday, July 31, 2006

Today's the Big Day!

Rich starts his new job today - yah - how exciting:)

How was my weekend you may ask? Well it involved a lot of studying and a lot of movies - I've got an assignment due on the 11 August - 2 reports on readings - only 600 words each but still that's 1,500 words all up.

Plus I have to apply for my job by the 11 August as it's going permanant.

Humm....will my life ever be quiet?


Anonymous said...

Hey chick just been on your blog wow u have had some fun soo great to see u guys so happy :) love reading and just checking how your doing some great trips and wicked photos dude welldone :) stay cool + keep smiling love karen x

missing said...

So... how was Rich's first week? Hope it went swimmingly :oP