Sunday, February 11, 2018

52 Week Sewing Challenge - Week Five - Sew Something from a newly purchased pattern

I'm still here and I'm still working on the 52 Week Sewing Challenge, I've fallen behind a bit, mainly due to my set back with week five and to be honest I really wanted to quit. I've decided, though to keep going! The theme for week five was "sew something from a newly purchased pattern" and I'd most recently bought this book of sewing patterns, so I decided to make something from this.
I bought the book online and when I arrived I was a but bummed as it had a lot of fun projects, but unfortunately it came with a sloper patter you needed to alter rather than a pattern for each project. I've never really been that interested in altering sloper patterns, but I thought I'd at least try.
I decided to make this dress, the construction didn't seem too hard (lots of casing and elastic though) and while there were a lot of alterations, it didn't seem like rocket science.
The changes to the pattern wasn't rocket science,  but it did take FOREVER! Tracing out the pattern, moving darts, changing the shape of the pieces, creating new pieces. What a PAIN!
The final dress actually came together fine, although the casing for the elastic was really tedious! But the final product is unwearable for two reasons. The first reason is - this dress is HUGE on me and I really can't be bothered mucking around with the sizing and fitting (I should really know better now and check measurements as I go) and the second reason is this dress is just plain unflattering.

There just isn't enough shaping and so much billowy, blousey effect - it's basically all elastic and just something I'm not ever going to wear (even if it looked beautifully styled in the book!).

So this is a fail from me, even though I'm not 100% the failing is all my fault! I'm still counting this as a completed challenge - even though it's heading straight to the op shop (who knows, someone else may find it and it will fit them and they will be super happy!). One things for sure though, I'm not in a hurry to make the other 20 dresses in this book!!

I'm currently a bit behind with my challenging and I've been away all weekend, I'm hoping that I can catch up with this challenge. I've made good progress with last weeks challenge - make something pink or red (even if I've not finished yet!).

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Louise said...

It looks really pretty, so it's a shame it doesn't fit you, but I'm sure somebody else will find it in the op shop and fall in love with it. xx