Monday, January 02, 2017

Christmas Times - fun things with fun people!

Hello All - I hope you had a fun Christmas time, if you celebrate it, if not I hope you had a great weekend.

I've had a great Christmas day and Christmas time in general, so rather than just do a Christmas day post I thought I'd roll all of the Christmas adventures over the past few weeks into one blog post.

I caught up with Ria after she'd finished some big projects and we had dinner, ice cream and took selfie's by the city Christmas tree.

We went home the weekend before Christmas to have an early Christmas with my family, and I bought my nephew that "when I grow up I want to be a zombie" t-shirt, because I'm an awesome auntie. He actually DOES like zombies,  its not just because I like zombies. 
We also got to see Sultan and feed him carrots - I kind of love this photo as you can see the mountain between his ears!

We also visited Naumai Park before, where I had strangely never been! It was a really lovely spot.
I decided to finish up work early this year (my final day was the Wednesday before Christmas) and I spent Thursday afternoon hanging out with Ria - having lunch, sewing and exchanging gifts. She really spoiled me! I'm lucky to have such a thoughtful friend. 

She gave me a candle, some homemade passion fruit curd and toasted coconut, but the best thing of all was this portrait!
That's right! She painted me a portrait of Mia!! I was so excited - as you can see!
 I also bought her some treasures, I really had in mind something rad I wanted to make her but life was so hectic in the weeks leading up to Christmas and it didn't happen.
I also started sewing some fun Christmas stockings whilst I was at Ria's as this year Rich and I decided we would fill a Christmas stocking for each other.

Christmas day itself was pretty quiet around here, which was nice, Rich made pancakes for breakfast and we got to see what was in our stockings!
I will probably do a couple of extra posts about all of my Christmas sewing, but until then, I thought I'd share a photo of the stockings I made for us - no prizes for guessing which one belongs to me!

These are the goodies I received from Rich! A pin, patch, squirrel notebook and some hazelnut treats.
I also made Mia a wee bow tie for Christmas, she wasn't very impressed with the bow tie but I did manage to get one cute picture!

We went for a big walk on Christmas day, to the summit of Mount Victoria and along Oriental Parade.
I  also managed to finish up a new dress to wear to Christmas dinner on Christmas day! I will do a separate post about the dress soon as I need to take a few more photos!

Our friends kindly invited us to their place for Christmas dinner and we had a delicious meal and decorated cookies!
We also  got to hang out with some feathered friends, as our friends live near the Zealandia Sanctuary, this guy is a kaka which is a native New Zealand parrot.

Finally we opened the Christmas cracker that my Mum gave Mia, I promise she did play with the ball for a bit - even if she looks super GRUMPY in the last photo!


Vix said...

And a fab time was had by all!
Love the Mia art and the cat crackers. xxx

Louise said...

It looks like you had a fantastic Christmas; I hope you did! I love your Christmas stockings and your Christmas dress; they look amazing, and the little stocking fillers from Rich are awesome. I can't wait to see what other festive sewing you did. I did heaps myself in the run up to Xmas, and I felt so productive- that rarely ever happens! Haha! Mia looks adorable in her bow tie; such a pretty kitty. All of your nature photos are beautiful, and I love the one of the donkey with the mountain in the background; it's such an awesome shot! The kaka is so cute, too. I'd love to live in a country with wild parrots; our wildlife is so boring compared to the rest of the world. xx

peppylady (Dora) said...

Hello from Idaho and I stop in from Vix. Wow I did look at your sewing list and I have to say wow.
If you fine the time stop over for a cup of coffee.