Sunday, February 14, 2016

Recent Cross-stitchery

Hello world, yes I've been kind of quiet lately on the blog front life has been pretty busy. I'm having surgery tomorrow (don't worry nothing major) which means I will be in recovery for a couple of weeks. I figure during that time I can catch up on some blog writing and reading.

But seen as I am well overdue on writing a post I thought I'd share some recent cross-stitchery.

First up it this wee cross stitch I made for our friends Laura & Andrew, they invited us to spend Christmas Eve with them and their son Sam so I  thought it would be nice to make them something for their house. They bought their house a few months after we bought our flat.
I thought they would like something that was simple with clear lines, so I went with this simple pattern from galaborn patterns on esty, you can buy the pattern here if you like it. Galaborn shared the final version of my cross stitch on their instagram page which was kind of awesome.

I really love the aida fabric I used for this project, its kind of natural looking whilst at the same time having glittery bits through it - I've still got enough left for one or maybe two projects so I'm sure you guys will see it again.

The next project was a birthday present for my sweet friend Jo we met through sewing but have other shared loves including everything kawaii and bunnies.

kawaii bunny!
Given our shared loves I decided I needed to make a cross stitch which included both - I ended up making Spring Day at Carrot Farm by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.
It's so kawaii! I  love it! I kind of didn't really stick to all the colours in the pattern and just made it up as I went along. I love the bunny so much.
Look at his cute little bunny face *squee*.

Well that's all for me now, wish me luck for tomorrow and I shall back more frequently over the next week or so!


Curtise said...

Lovely cross stitch - I am always impressed that people can do such intricate painstaking work (I am far too slapdash!)
Good luck with the surgery, hope all goes well, including your recovery afterwards. Xx

Louise said...

They're both gorgeous, and the little bunny is so cute! I bet your friends loved them. I love the aida you used for the first one- it's so different.

Good luck for your surgery. I hope it's nothing too serious?? You'll probably already be in and out of surgery by the time you read this, with the time difference and all, so I hope everything went well, and you're getting plenty of rest and recovering well. Thinking of you. xx

Vix said...

Good luck, Trees! xxx

Natalie Mulford said...

Hope your surgery went well! These cross stitches are so cute and make me want to take it back up, its been years. That first Aida fabric is awesome, just adds an extra special element!

Kezzie said...

These are really beautiful! What pretty ideas! I wish I were good at cross stitches!x