Sunday, August 30, 2015

Celestial Dress!

A few weeks back Rich and I heard about an event that was happening at the Carter Observatory called Celestial Cinema - being fans of both cinema and space we decided to go along. Although there were quite a few technical difficulties on the evening we got to see some really cool films, they were screened inside the planetarium.

The movies were a mix of old time fantastic movies and real life information about space, including documentary footage of a Russia space walk in the 1960s. My favourite was a trip to the moon, which you can watch on you tube if you'd like to, but there is something magical about being able to watch it on the big screen inside a planetarium!

For the price of our movie ticket we also had the chance to explore the gallery at the observatory for free, I hadn't been here for years but the exhibits are really cool. We had about half an hour to look around, but I'd like to come back soon and take a better look.

I decided I needed a new dress for the event, fortunately recently the Salvation Army op shop moved and is now around the corner from my house (actually this is both a good and bad thing). Anyway I found a bunch of super looking 90s celestial fabric at that op shop and celestial cinema seemed the perfect occasion to make something with the fabric.
The pattern I used for this dress is Colette Peony , I've had this pattern for a while, but just haven't gotten around to making it. I've seen a lot of cute versions of this dress around the internet, so I thought I'd give it a work and this space fabric just seemed like it would work.
 On the evening of the movie I wore the dress with my ouji board cardi as it seemed to fit with the whole mystical celestial theme. I bought this cardi from cosmic corner in Wellington, just because I think ouji boards look cool - ok?
I had a bit of a nightmare with the neckline on this dress, it was originally way too high for me so I just kind of hacked it and added bias binding. Perhaps not the best and most measured approached. I'll tackle it differently next time for sure.
Despite the hacked neckline, I'm pretty happy with this frock and I will make it again for sure. I really like the shape as the skirt isn't too much for me (I'm not really into huge circle skirts these days) and I like the fact it has sleeves, because I'm pretty much always cold in Wellington, even in summer.
I hope you guys all had a fun weekend - I'm been having a quiet one, but I did get some sewing in.


Vix said...

I used to have a throw in that fabric way back in the 1990s! What a great dress and absolutely perfect for your super cool trip! xxx

Louise said...

Your dress looks amazing! I can't see anything wrong with the neckline; it looks perfect to me! The fabric is awesome, too- it reminds me of the nineties because prints like that were huge over here back then. You knew you'd made it when you owned a pair of sun, moon, and stars curtains. LOL! I really love your cardi, too. The ouija board print is so cool! xx

Unknown said...

Omg this is such a cool event! I wish they would do something like this here in Perth, such a good idea!
LOVE your outfit for it too, the dress and jacket are supercool! I love how you always match your dresses to the occasion! :)

My new post involves cute animals and a floral dress, come have a look if you like!
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Curtise said...

The frock is fantastic, and the exhibition looks great too. I only know that Melies clip through seeing the film Hugo, in which it features. xxx

Anonymous said...

What an awesome event, and the dress is of course absolutely perfect for it. And damn you are so photogenic!