Saturday, August 08, 2015

USA Part 1 - Honolulu

We've been back in New Zealand from our trip to the USA for a few weeks now and it already feels like a life time since our trip! I thought I'd better do some blogging before I forget what happened.

First stop on our trip was Honolulu, Hawaii which is a good place to remember on a chilly winters night like tonight. It's good to remember it is in fact possible to wear dresses without tights, boots and a cardi!
We arrived in Honolulu in the afternoon and the first place we went was Waikiki - because it was close to our hotel and there was a beach. Waikiki is pretty much as touristy as you can get and to be honest not really our scene, but the beach was beautiful and its such an iconic place you kind of have to go right?

On our second day in Hawaii we decided to head to Pearl Harbour and take in  some history, the highlight of this for me was visiting the USS Missouri. I knew nothing about this ship, but it is the ship where the Japanese signed its surrender to the allies which ended world war two. The tour of the ship was  fascinating and getting to stand in the spot when such an important historical event happened was incredible.

Also if you're wondering how big the ship is the answer is "freaking huge" - Rich took the photo below for scale.
We didn't take too many more photos of Pearl Harbour - I was a little blown away by the sadness of it all.

That's a very whirlwind blog post of our time in Honolulu as it was pretty limited - next stop? Maui!


Louise said...

Wow, it looks absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to visit Hawaii one day. I don't know a huge amount about Pearl Harbor; I think most of what I know I learnt through the film, but I bet visiting a place where so many people died was really moving. xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I still haven't blogged about our trip to NZ! My brain has been preoccupied with other matters I guess. Great to see a holiday post from you. I'd love to visit Hawaii Xx