Sunday, March 22, 2015

SPCA Open Day and Galentines Day

Hello to anyone who may STILL be reading this blog - I was away again, for a LONG while. It turns out that for various issues (the main issue being that internet companies are full of idiots) I was without internet for the better part of THREE weeks! Gah!! But I'm back and I have a lot to catch up on.

 Last month Ria and I went to the SPCA open day at the old Fever Hospital - but I couldn't share that with you guys because my computer was all broken and then the internet company was kind of useless and NOW I can finally share some pictures with you guys.

Anyway recently Wellington SPCA had an open day and obviously we had to go - cute animals and a historic building I'd always wanted to visit - bring it on!!

The hospital was built up on a hill as at the time it was constructed the belief was that TB patients required lots of fresh air for recovery. I always find it fascinating what ideas are popular at different times in history. I wonder what kind of things we do to keep healthy now or consider to be perfectly scientific treatments will be considered a bad idea in 50 or 100 years times.

Although I do love history - I love cute animals a lot too, especially rabbits! They are my favourites. I think that's why I love Easter so much (oh and Chocolate - duh).

 This little puffball was my favourite, I would have taken him home with me if I could.
Here's a few more shots of the hospital and the view - its pretty striking!

 It was a little windy when we took this photo - can you tell?
As for the Galentines Day part of the post - if you have never heard of Galentines Day you're really missing out. In fact if you've never heard of Galentines Day then you may not seen "Parks & Recreation" and you should go and watch that right NOW! Leslie Knope can explain Galentines Day better than I ever could.

Ria and I usually exchange a wee present over Valentines (Galentines) Day each year - here are the lovely things Ria made for me, a super cute card and a mini snow globe. 

I made Ria this wee cross stitch, I knew she loved hedgehogs and I asked Rich to design a valentines Cross stitch for her which featured a little hedgehog. If you want to make one of your own you can buy the pattern from Rich's store. I think he's pretty cute!
Hope everyone out in blog land is good - I will catch up on all my blog friends blogs very slowly as I currently have 400 plus posts to read on my blog roll *eek*


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Hello!!! I'm still here! Good to see you again. Xx

Vix said...

I have no idea what Galentines is or Parks & Recreation either as we've only got Freeview TV but if it involves exchanging presssies with friends that's good by me.
Love the look of that Fever Hospital, the stunning scenery and that cute ginger cat.
Good to see you back. xxx

Curtise said...

The Fever hospital looks grand, and look at those amazing views. Can't go wrong with some cute creatures and lovely gifts too! xxx

Penny-Rose said...

I have been floating around, and really enjoyed reading this post. I would have loved to have seen this amazing old building and all the cute animals. What a great day. Parks and Rec is on my "to watch" list as opposed to my "to read" list. Cute pressies from friends are always lovely.