Thursday, January 08, 2015

A snippet of Christmas and New Years

We had an extremely busy Christmas and New Years! We visited my family in Taranaki, Rich's in Tauranga and spent a week in Auckland in between. Here's a wee snippet of our end of year adventures.

Christmas began at my parents and included plenty of time with my nephew Lukah and my niece Sophiia.

We did a day trip to Whanganui (I don't care what anyone says, I think Whanganui is a pretty little city) and took my niece and nephew to Kowhai park. It's a part we went to when I was a kid and it had a paddling pool/sprinklers and a mini train.

Our next stop was Auckland, where we spent five days with our friends Conor and Sue. We stayed in their beautiful inner city apartment and had a blast!

We all love this game sequence - many, many games of sequence were played and most of them were played Albert Park which is next to Conor and Sue's apartment.
There is a lot of bubble tea places in Auckland - so we had to have some obviously (its delicious).
One day we paid a visit to both Mount Eden and One Tree Hill - it was a perfect day, the views were amazing.

We went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch one day and it had a lot of cute a quirky drinks - I loved this lid off my bottle!
We visited Rich's sister and her family in Titirangi and did an afternoon road trip and saw all kinds of amazing things!

We visited the art gallery and then walked to one of Conor's favourite diner style restaurants. It was the first Canadian diner I had been too.

On new years eve we ate a LOT of Korean BBQ, sang a LOT of Karaoke and watched the sky tower fireworks from Albert Park.

On New Years day we traveled to Devonport by ferry and then walked home through Britomart.

I really liked the mirrors in the foyer of Conor and Sue's building - so I took selfies like a weirdo.
More walking around beautiful Auckland city!

Also more mirror selfies (obviously).
On our very last day we visited the Auckland Domain and ate gelato - it's really a beautiful spot.

I think by the time we reached Rich's house I must have been over photos, as I didn't take any! How is 2015 going for you guys? I  feel so busy already - time for another holiday yet?


Vix said...

Wow! What a fab time you had, there's some gorgeous scenery and some very sweet kids! Love your floppy 1970s-vibe hat! xxx

Curtise said...

Yes, I feel pretty busy too! You look as though you had a wonderful break over Christmas - adorable kids, beautiful views, fun places to wander, all enjoyed while wearing fabulous frocks! xxx

Louise said...

Wow! It looks like you had such an amazing time over the holidays! The scenery in every one of your photos looks so beautiful, and I'm a bit jealous of the sunshine, and the fact you're wearing lovely summery clothes! xx