Friday, January 16, 2015

Ria's Birthday - Pink Flamingo

I'm pretty proud of myself - I'm actually working on my New Years Goals! One of which was to cross stitch more. When I realised that Ria's birthday coming up soon, I decided I needed to make her a cross stitch. The question was - WHAT to make? When I was on Esty I seen SO MANY things Ria would love.

I finally settled on this cute flamingo pattern from  Daily Cross Stitch who have a lot of other cute patterns, I really like this t-rex one.

When I went to Made on Marion I found this amazing sparkly Aida fabric! I used to buy this stuff in Korea, but this is the first time I have seen it in New Zealand. There is going to be a whole lot more sparkly cross stitching in 2015.

Here's a close up of our flamingo friend! Initially I tried to "make it work" with the colours I had in my cross-stitch thread stash. But after taking advice from my "stitch expert" (Rich) I decided it was best to buy the actual colours instead of making it up. I think this guy is pretty great.
Here's an extreme close up of the stitching and all of the sparkles - in real life you can kind of even see the sparkles through the stitching.
Here's the finished project - complete with a pretty ribbon for hanging up the cross-stitch.
We met up for lunch today as today is Ria's birthday! We had some Vietnamese food in the park and I gave her the cross-stitch and she was happy. Yah! I always love it when friends are happy I made them things.

Also Ria has started a really fun channel on you tube and you guys should check it out - its adorable and hilarious!

I hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend! It's Wellington Anniversary this weekend - so I get a long weekend. Hurrah!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! And so well done

I used to cross stitch as a kid, I wonder if it's something I should back into - this kind of thing would look awesome in the sewing room

JuanitaTortilla said...

Approving the sparkle!! Yay to keeping to your goals :)

Curtise said...

That looks great - and a handmade gift is always really special. xxx

Sandra said...

That is so cute and sparkly!

Louise said...

Loving the flamingo! Well done you! I really want to make some pictures to hang up in cross stitch hoops; they always look so much cooler than any old photo frame. xx