Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Spring time walk - Te Ahumairangi & Moneta Dress - version one

Spring is here! Which means the weather often, shall we say "unreliable" beautiful one day and raining and cold the next. It's kind of a lucky dip. But that said in  general it is a lot WARMER so Rich and I have decided to get back into doing more walking/hiking around the city - kicking off with a walk to the top of Te Ahumairangi.

I wore the first Moneta dress on the hike, because you know I'm endlessly practical with my clothing choices. I am not 100% happy with this dress as I didn't measure the pattern pieces and the bodice is shorter than I would like, so the dress is more of a baby doll style. I have to say, the 12 year old version of me would have gone nuts over this dress (in 1992) and would have wanted to wear it with opaque tights and cherry red Doc Martins.
However, this dress is insanely comfortable! So it's perfect for hiking (if you're a weirdo like me who finds trousers uncomfortable). I got this fabric for free too from Sandra at a recent Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network meet up. It's the most perfect fabric for a "hiking"  dress. I think my eyes are actually shut in this photo - the sun was super BRIGHT!
I have actually worn this dress to work once as well - the baby doll look isn't that great for work, but I just wore a cardi over it and I think it looked fine.
Hope you guys all had a great weekend - next weekend we are going to the Brooklyn wind turbine (weather permitting of course).


Louise said...

What a gorgeous view! I love the dress; it looks amazing on you! And you're not alone about trousers- I find them uncomfortable, too! I'm much more comfortable in dresses! xx

Vix said...

A fabulous view, stunning skies and a brilliant dress! xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm glad you're getting some springtime weather over there. You know I really like the shorter bodice on you. I prefer empire line waists on me as it covers my lower rolls, although I have been mistaken for being pregnant which is a danger with that style! I can't stand pants anymore, they feel so strange and restrictive!xx

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you used the fabric! It has been sitting in my cupbaord for too long. I fully inderstand the 1992 baby doll dress concept - i was there as well.

Curtise said...

The dress looks great - I'm not as comfortable in trousers as I am in dresses either, so there are a few of us weirdos around!
Beautiful blue skies and such wonderful views. xxx

Monsterchen said...

woooow an absolutely amazing view! marvelous! and that dress is so adorable on you, also i love the cardigan you wore with it!

Anonymous said...

Why are you NOT wearing it with cherry red Docs? That sounds awesome.

Fwiw, I like this waist seam placement on you and don't think it's too baby doll like at all! It's a great dress on you, I like it.