Sunday, November 16, 2014

Space Dress part II and fabric-a-brac finds

I've been taking it easy this weekend as I'm starting a new job tomorrow (eek!) and I've had a busy few weeks.

However as you guys know, I find it almost impossible to sit still, so even though I had a fairly quiet weekend I did STILL do some sewing. This project is a refashion, well, it is sort of a refashion.

Some of you guys may remember a while back I made a dress from space fabric - I was just crazy for the fabric, but the dress ultimately didn't end up being as great as I thought it would be, I actually didn't like it at all.

 When I don't like a project, it usually gets sent straight to recycle boutique, because why keep something that makes you feel unhappy? Especially if there is someone else out there that is just perfect for the dress you're not crazy about. But for some reason I COULDN'T get rid of this damn space dress - I don't know why! I loved the fabric and I had actually spent a fair bit on it (which to be honest is pretty unusual). So instead of being sent to recycle boutique it just hung out in my mending pile for months.

Then enter my current phase - my obsession with knits, as you know I've gone nuts for the Moneta and have already made two versions, here and here.I decided that I could use my Moneta pattern to rejig my space dress to make it into something I would actually wear and MUCH to my surprise, it actually worked out! Behold Space dress version 2.0.
I chopped off the top part of the dress just below the original bust darts and kept that part of the dress for the skirt on this one, so its an A-line rather than a gathered skirt. I used the Moneta bodice, but due to the leftovers that I had from the original version of the dress the bodice has a seam running through the front and the back as I had to stitch together a few pieces to make it work - but I think it actually looks ok (I thought perhaps it would look super weird).
Overall I'm pretty stoked with this dress - Rich even said I should make more dressed like this! I think I will, the  fabric is what I think is called scuba? It really does remind me of a wet suit, or at least it did when I was sewing it, but its as comfortable to wear as any of my other wonderful knit dresses (knits forever!)
Just a new dress selfie - I bought the necklace a few weeks back at a market Rich, Ria and I went to and yes they are teeth. I find teeth equal parts gross and fascinating - so I was pretty stoked with this!

I also went to a fabric-a-brac at the Dowse Gallery - this was a special fabric-a-brac event that's part of a new exhibition they have at the gallery right now "The Age of Aquarius". I didn't go to the exhibition as I'm waiting to go with Ria when she comes back from Australia (so I'm sure you will see photos of that sometime - just not today). I did find some great stuff thought, including four Maudella patters!

There were also some fabric finds - the brown fabric is so lovely, but I only have a small amount, I'm hopefully it's going to be enough for a top. I love the green lurex (obviously) and the other fabric really speaks for itself! I am hoping I will be able to make something from this fabric to attend the exhibition - it just seems like the right thing to do!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend - wish me luck for my first day tomorrow!


Vintage Bird Girl said...

This dress looks amazing on you!!! I love the style, your waist looks teeny tiny! Well done on the refashion. Great patterns too, I especially love the last one. I hope your new work role goes well. Xx

Penny-Rose said...

Ah, Space, the Final Frontier. It took me a while to understand why it was called the Space Dress and then I adjusted my glasses and saw a super nova. I love the style of this dress, the A line skirt is great. Hope your first day in the new job is going well (goes well). :-)

Louise said...

I love the dress; it looks amazing on you! The fabric / galaxy pattern is just gorgeous. xx

Vix said...

The refashioning is fantastic, its really good to see you wearing something more fitted and showing off your figure.
Love the patterns and the purple zig zag fabric needs to be sewn up soon!
Good luck with the job! xxxx

Curtise said...

Ooh, you did a great job refashioning the dress, it looks brilliant.
Love those Maudella patterns, aren't the illustrations fab? And I am drooling over that lurex fabric! xxxx

Kura Carpenter said...

Hope your first day went well, and wishing you many more :)

Sarah Jane said...

Space dress is the best - nice work persevering with the fabric! You inspire me to do the same with some things currently hanging out in my mending pile...

Anonymous said...

Great refashion! Everyone needs a space dress for obvious reasons, and I really need to get one for me, but I'm so pleased that you have one!