Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Red Stripey Dress

Recently I had a bit of a fitting nightmare with a pattern and woven fabric - which made me want to make stuff from stretch fabric ALL THE TIME instead! (no fitting dramas).

I decided to use this red stripey fabric that I bought on one of our WSBN trips to Levana and the Moneta pattern that I've had sitting around for a while.

This is my second Moneta dress, I will blog about the first version I made sometime soon. The first version I made I didn't pay too much attention to the length of the bodice (which I usually do as I have quite a long torso) and it ended up being a baby doll dress, which isn't my normal style, but I can work with it.

The dress came out surprisingly well with surprisingly little effort (yah for no fitting dramas). The waist line is a little wonky, but I can live with that, I can also cover it up with a belt - but I don't have any that work with this dress. Next mission - find perfect belt.
This dress is all kinds of comfortable, I basically want a wardrobe full on stretch fabric dresses now. I need more stretch fabric in my stash (I mostly have woven fabric). 
Plus it ALMOST looks like a grown ups dress - perhaps I can wear it to important meetings, if I have important meetings.
Hope you have all had good week so far - I'm off to search my stash for more stretch fabrics!


Kura Carpenter said...

Ah, the hunt for the perfect belt, as illusive as a unicorn ;)

Sandra said...

Jeez I was saying just that on Tuesday this week - maybe I should just sew knit coz this sleeve fitting is doing my head in! I do like this dress on you - the perfect belt and you're ready for every meeting not just the important ones :-)

Vix said...

That looks fab, a great fit (even if you don't feel it is!) and the colour really suits you. xxx

Curtise said...

Love that dress, gorgeous colour and fabulous stripes! xxx

Mary Lou said...

what a great dress! red and stripes and everything nice i like;)
oh yes i love stretchy fabrics too, but like you i almost only own woven fabrics.

Johanna said...

So great! I love how easy knits are. Fitting is such a pain! Enjoy wearing it, and yes to finding a belt!

Anonymous said...

Love the colour on you! This is really cute. And I'm in awe of your selfie skills. You photograph so well!