Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Winter Vintage Festival 2014

Hello world! yes its me, I've been a little quite on the blogging front of late - I've had a few things happening and also had a large dose of feeling pretty uninspired. However, I'm back - lots of fun stuff has been happening that I want to share with you guys.

First up the first ever Wellington Winter Vintage Festival!
This was the first time this carnival was being held and I was looking forward to it for two reasons. Firstly - dressing up (duh) and secondly it was circus themed. Who doesn't love a good circus?
Unfortunately my photos of the day aren't so great as I forgot my CAMERA! WHAT? I know, I'm just as shocked as you are! So the photos I DO have are from my phone camera, which is OK but not amazing. The festival itself is quite small - but as you can see it has a very fun circus vibe.
 Being a circus there were lots of treats to be had - like this alien sherbet! I'm not quite sure why it was Alien Sherbet, but I love he little picture. This same lady was also selling toffee apples, I bought one and shared it with a friend one afternoon crafting.

Back to the vintage fair, it wouldn't be ANY kind of event in Wellington unless there is at least ONE coffee cart. Turns out one of Ria's friends from costuming school was working in the coffee cart.
I also got to catch up with the amazing Mrs C as Constance Craving - she is the most amazing bearded lady!
After the fair Ria and I decided to headed to Expressoholic and have chai latte to warm up from all the rain (it was a horrible, cold day!).

These photos looked OK on instagram but are kind of blurry! Ria made her whole outfit - because she is an amazing costumer! She also did my hair and make up because she has mad skills, I should get her to teach me sometime. My frock is from the Auckland Vintage Textiles Fair.

When we got back to the apartment, we asked my regular photographer (Rich) to snap a few more pictures for us. He's the best.

Look at how cute we are - also now you can see Ria's WHOLE outfit....can you believe she made that in like a WEEK! Rockstar!
It was a super fun day out and although the fair is small now, hopefully it will grow and become bigger and better! The next vintage festival we will be going to will be in Whanganui in the New Year - the question is - WHAT SHOULD I WEAR??


Curtise said...

Both you and Rhia look fantastic! Always good to have a day out chatting and rummaging with a good pal. xxx

Vix said...

Don't you look gorgeous in that vintage frock and headband? Love the bearded lady and the elegant girl at the coffee cart! x

Krista said...

Omg you two look so beautiful! I love how she did your hair, I wanna see you rock this look again! Your dress, look at that neckline! A circus themed vintage fair? Count me in please!

Monsterchen said...

oh you look so great!!!! i love your hair and that dress!
and i can only recommend you to rescue a dog, they bring so much love and joy into your life and are so grateful it´s incredible, really!