Monday, October 13, 2014

Little Green Dress

The weather is warmer, the days are longer and I'm going to try and do more outfit posts - it works in theory, lets see if it also works in practice.

This is a little green vintage dress I picked up at recycle boutique. It's tighter around the hips than I normally like - but I love it so much I can deal with that.

When I actually BUY stuff I tend to stick to stuff that isn't too tight around the hips, as basically nothing fits around my hips and my waist. First world problems right?
 Also my slip is sneaking out of the bottom of my dress - just another reason I will never be any kind of "fashion"  blogger and I'm more of a "general ramblings" or "stuff that happened"  blogger.

But look - I took a selfie in our hallway - so that's fun right? The glamour of big city life.
 Also my hair is slowly reaching my ideal "reverse lady mullet length" - party at the front, business at the back! Photo includes bonus drying rack in the background (oh apartment living).
Hope you guys had a super Monday - Rich and I actually spend last weekend "up the coast" in sunny Waikanae. I have some pictures to show you sometime even!


Curtise said...

Such a cool dress! You don't have to be a "proper" fashion blogger, we love you just the way you are - I took a bunch of photos last week with my cardi buttoned up wrong, so I'm not very professional at this either! xxx

Helga said...

Cute frock!
Bugger being a "proper" fashion blogger...booooring! Keep on rocking, baby! XXX

Louise said...

Love the dress, especially the green skirt part! You look lovely! Who wants to be a "proper fashion blogger"anyway, when you can just be yourself and share real outfits? You're awesome just the way you are! xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Fab frock....I'm especially drawn to the green. I don't like wearing tight stuff either, but in doing so I tend to buy stuff that's slightly too big. Loving your hair too. Xx

Vix said...

I don't read fashion blogs, if I wanted perfection I'd buy a boring magazine. Real life is far more fun!
Love the hair and dress dress. xxx