Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fancy Lady Date - High Tea at Hippopotamus

I was having a bit of a rough time a few weeks back, so Ria decided that we needed a fancy lady date to cheer me up and booked us into high tea at Hippopotamus at the Museum Hotel.
Hippopotamus is the restaurant within the Museum Art Hotel - its fancy and there is loads of fun art. I kind of want to stay here for one night sometime when I'm feeling especially fancy!

So what was the high tea like? It was pretty delicious, as there were only two of us they served it on smaller plates rather than a fancy tiered serving platter. Which was great as it meant we could actually see each other (I do love the fancy tiered platters, but they can make conversation hard!).

for those of us having tea with their high tea (there were also alcohol high teas) there was a constant stream of tea servers ready to full up your cup at any moment you needed more. 
It was a wet and miserable day when we had our high tea - but the view was still pretty great, well apart from the car park.
Fancy Ladies on a fancy ladies day out! I bought this frock on my last trip to Auckland - but I haven't worn it too much yet. 

Here's to fun lady dates and lots of good times and good food in the future! Also when we thought we had finished eating, they bought out bonus macarons.
Thanks for looking after me when I'm bummed out Ria - I had a super rad time.


Curtise said...

Ahh, Ria is a good pal, what a lovely place to go! The art and the decor look great, and lots of lovely treats to try. But tell me, why does everywhere serve food on slates these days? I like a plate myself (I know - so old fashioned!) xxx

Vix said...

No way! I saw this hotel on The World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides the other day and was swooning over the interior. I recognised it instantly! I'd love to visit! xxx

Louise said...

Wow, that looks like extra fancy high tea! And delicious. I've always wanted to go for high tea but still haven't. Oh, and I love your outfit. xx

Krista said...

You look so gorgeous in this dress and Ria too, what a sweet friend she is for doing this. I think you two and like Cristi and I, very close. I enjoy seeing you girls out. This place looks rich and the food, wish I could have joined you both!
Wear this dress often!

Monsterchen said...

wooow that looks amazing what a beautiful place! and you and ria look fabulous!

Indigo Violet said...

I would love to go there next time I'm in Welly. And combine it with a textile fair!

Anonymous said...

Ria is awesomely sweet, and you both look adorable in this! I love your cardi clips. I hope things are better now xx