Monday, June 09, 2014

The Vix Dress

Hello Folks! Thanks for your lovely supportive comments on my last blog post - sorry to be such a bummer.

The bad news is I am still not 100% - but the good news is I received an e-mail from the passport office and my application is being processed.

Now onto much happier things - my latest sewing project! I've named it the Vix dress after the amazing Vix of Vintage Vixen.

It's named Vix as I can see her totally rocking this fabric - also it embraces her ability to recycle all kinds of fabric (Queen of curtain couture) and I also used a pattern she gave me to create the dress.

So let's start at the beginning of the project shall we? A couple of weeks back I picked up this EPIC maxi skirt from a second hand shop. It DID fit me, but it wasn't very flattering. Also it was handmade by a very tall lady as it was very long on me (as in dragging on the ground and I'm not that short - I'm 168 cm).

However, I decided to buy it anyway as I loved the fabric and I thought I could "make it work" somehow.
However, when I got home I really decided I couldn't make it work in its current form and seen as it needed to be shortened anyway I figured I would see if I could re-fashion the skirt.

Some people are so good at re-fashioning clothes, they can see the potential in any old crap and next thing its a couple of snips here and a few seams here and its awesome. It's a skill I wish I could say I have - but I just don't (believe me, I've tried a number of times).

Instead I used the skirt as a piece of fabric and decided to see what pattern I could use to turn it into something else.
In the end I decided to use the Maudella Pattern that Vix gave me to make the dress - I've made this pattern a whole bunch of times before including here and here, but this was the first time I've made it in a woven fabric rather then a stretch fabric.

I was crossing my fingers it would all come together and hurrah it did - I was able to recycle the whole skirt, including the zipper.
Here is the finished dress - looking slightly wonky on the coat hanger - but I am very happy with the final product. I just love the fabric so much.

I wore this dress to work today - but I had to wear a cardi as well as its kind of chilly at the moment (note to self, next time take the coat hanger down before snapping photos).

I hope you guys all have a great week - here's to good health and a current passport by the end of the week!


Vix said...

What an honour to be named after such a gorgeous dress! Its much, much more you as a groovy dress rather than a maxi skirt and looks brilliant with the bright tights.
I've got a whole week off - I need to recapture my sewing mojo - you've put me to shame.
Keep smiling! xxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I am absolutely positively in love with that dress!!! Well done on your refashion. That fabric is amazing & I love the style. I'd be wearing that over & over & over again. Let's hope you continue to pick up so you're in tip top shape for your holiday. Xx

Curtise said...

Just catching up, Trees - bugger about your passport, hope you get that sorted, and I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather. You now what you need? A HOLIDAY! On the bright side, that's a brilliant refashioning of the skirt. You're right, the fabric is very Vix, and she will heartily approve of making something you can wear and love out of something you don't. The dress is fab, well done you! xxx

Krista said...

The Vix dress she will be so pleased, that print is crazy and totally her! I was so hoping you made a maxi, this is so cute don't get me wrong, but you made a maxi once that looked so amazing on you!

Keep feeling better honey.

Louise said...

I love the dress! You've done such a great job in refashioning it! I wouldn't even know where to start. I'm also really glad to hear your passport is being sorted, so at least that's one less thing for you to worry about and you can concentrate on getting better. xx

Heather said...

That dress is fantastic! I am the same, I have to use old clothes as fabric rather than just upcycle them with the odd snip - I think it's a talent in itself, it's like tetris getting pattern pieces cut out of something garment shaped!

Heather said...

That dress is fantastic! I am the same, I have to use clothing as fabric rather than upcycling with just a few snips. But I think that's a talent in itself - it's like tetris getting pattern pieces to fit on something garment shaped!

Penny-Rose said...

Best refashion I have ever seen. I think the fabric was destined to become a dress for you. Making this amazing dress would be sure to lift your spirits - hope you are feeling better now and the passport is on its way!

Indigo Violet said...

What gorgeous fabric, and I agree that it's easier to make something new than to refashion something. I don't know if I like a challenge or I am a masochist but I have run into all sorts of problems when un-fashioning. Well done though, it looks great.

Anonymous said...

Love love love it!!! I wish I can sew!!! I want to make a dress like that for myself

alicia said...

i love it with the red tights! <3

Anonymous said...

This is really funky and cool, and looks awesome on you!