Sunday, June 01, 2014

Everyone loves a sale!

Who doesn't love shopping? Well to be honest, me. I'm not a fan - I'm never going to go on a shopping trip to Melbourne, every visit to the supermarket kills me and I HATE Christmas shopping most of all (thank goodness the internet has limited the time I have to spend in stores).

That said, there are a few stores in Wellington I like (but you won't see me there every week though) also I do like to op shop and shop for crafty things like fabric, pattern and notions.

It turns over the last couple of weeks I have done the most shopping I have done in AGES - as there were not one but three fabric related sales in Wellington. Happy Shopping times!

First up was The Fabric Store - I'm going to be honest, the trip to The Fabric Store was as much about hanging out with Joy and Jo as it was about the fabric. But its always good to catch up over a common interest right?

 I mostly like going to The Fabric Store to look at pretty things - rather than buy things.

But I DID buy this remnant as it was just TOO  AMAZING to leave behind (and it was cheap!). There's enough here to make a skirt - which I think is what is going to happen. It's kind of like the pacific on acid.
We finished up our shopping with a visit to Scopa as Joy said they do the best hot chocolate in Wellington - I think I agree.
During the course of the same  week Alison Blain was having a fabric sale so I went to check it out. Nothing really struck me as something I must have - so I didn't buy a thing!
But it was worth going to check out the cool gate/door thing inside of the building - its the little things that make me happy.

Finally, one of our local stores Swonderful was having a de-stash sale so I thought I may as well check that out as well.

Swonderful is really a very cute store - If I bought more new clothes, I would most likely buy them here. However - new items of clothing are few and far between for me (I'm more of an op shopping/handmade kind of girl).

Here's a few of the pretties that were on sale - however, nothing much really took my fancy here. I did like that blue fabric with squares and circles. But there was a lot of it and it was more money than I was wanting to spend. 
I did buy some fabric though - shock horror, it BLACK! What? I really do need some plain tops though. So its kind off perfect for what I need (even if its not what I want).
 But there was also some cute and slightly frivolous purchases - buttons, adorable buttons!

So that's my recent shopping adventures - bought anything crafty lately?


Sandra said...

Oh I love to shop, but most of the time it is just window shopping for ideas, but time is always so limited. I LOVE those big daisy buttons, they would look amazing on a coat.

Curtise said...

I don't like normal shopping, charity shops, fairs and markets are fine though. Oh look at those fabulous buttons, aren't they pretty? xxx

Meghan Edge said...

I ... have a shopping problem. I will not lie, but I don't feel too guilty because it's mostly thrifting (op shopping!) and fabric shopping that I do. All of those fabric stores look divine, and I'm really interested in that Swonderful place. :-D

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I was born to shop I think. I've always loved it, although it's almost exclusively op shopping & vintage shops now. Xx