Sunday, May 11, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - Week Two

It's time for Me Made May week two! I'm actually surprised at how many "me made" items I have in my wardrobe. I haven't worn the same item twice yet. 

However, I do now for sure pretty much all I seem to make are skirts and tops - I really need to make more tops and cardis. 

Here's what I wore for week two:

5 May
My usual photographer (Rich) was busy finishing up an assignment for university, so I didn't get a full length photo. But I did capture the part of the outfit I made myself - which is what counts!

Made by Me - A-line Skirt

Other stuff - tights from who knows where? and boots from Avon

6 May
Made by Me - "Put a bird on it!" Dress

Other stuff - tights from who knows where, belt from The Warehouse and boots from Avon

7 May
This appears to be the day of the extremely awkward pose.

Made by Me - Laurel Mask Dress

Other stuff - tights from who knows where, necklace from David White Gallery, Cardi used to belong to Rich and boots from Korea

8 May

The day we decided it was a good idea for me to pose with the guitar and look like some kind of  country singer songwriter. In case you're wondering, I can't play the guitar. Rich however has played guitar since he was a teenager and tired to teach me once about 10 years ago - but I lost interest in about five minutes.

Made by Me - Autumnal Dress

Other stuff - Cardi and tights from glassons, boots from avon and necklace from Korea

9 May

The day we decided I should pose like a total geek with Rich's football - you can see how awesome these shoes actually are!

Made by Me - Meg Dress

Other stuff - Cardi from Illicit Clothing Aotearoa, beads from op shop, belt from clothes swap, tights from I'm not sure and shoes from Avon.

10 May

Made by Me - Tropical Skirt

Other stuff - Scarf  and tights from Equip, Cardi used to belong to Rich, Brooch a gift from Rich and boots from Avon 

11 May

Made by Me - Laurel Dress

Other stuff - Cardi from glassons, necklace a gift from Rich, tights who knows and boots from Avon

I wore today's Me Made outfit to Te Papa as Rich I went to check out two exhibitions they currently have displayed about China - Throne of  Emperor and Shi Lu: A revolution in paint. 

If you are in Wellington you should totally go and check them out as they are both amazing. In celebration of the Chinese exhibitions Te Papa had some pretty Chinese Lanterns on display.
Also today was a stunning autumn day - instead of a miserably cold one!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend xoxo


Curtise said...

You have loads of me-made pieces - go you! I like them all, but I am especially drawn to the last dress in the bright green psychedelic print. Naturally! One day, Trees, one day I might have as many self-made items as you... xxx

Sandra said...

What a great second week - isn't Me-Made-May great for making us realise how much we actually have in our wardrobe regardless that the sewing to do list never gets any shorter.

Asparagus Pea said...

I love the Cinco de Mayo fabric and the big green print that Curtise likes. One day I will go to Te Papa when I drag Mr Asparagus Pea to the land of my childhood. Also the director of Te Papa used to be Head Honcho at the Museum Wales where I work - Bernice x

Anonymous said...

I love the fabruc if the a-line skirt. And actually am loving all the dresses, such crazy/coolf abric without being OTT

Meghan Edge said...

Although I am partial to the 'Meg' dress (and that green one OMG that FABRIC), I'm really really digging your mask dress. That is gorgeous. I love that. :-D

You've reminded me. I need to fix my sugar skull dress (after wearing it I decided it was a bit too long).

Helga said...

Bahahahaha, nice posing!!! I also tried to learn guitar and lost interest in about 10 minutes! Tried bass too! Pah!
LOVE the fabric of that skirt, first pic. I always think about doing Made Me May, but any time I have to follow some kind of rule, or guide line, my brain goes haywire.......!!! You are rocking it, baby, and it's only the beginning!! WOOT!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Fantastic posing ;) You keep asking me for action shots, but I am the queen of crappy face and awkward posing!

Vix said...

Supermodel like posing - love it! adore the print on the first skirt and want to steal that psychedelic wonder! xxx

Krista said...

A gal with that many custom made frocks needs her own brand name! I am cracking up at all the props, you sure look good with that guitar and I love all the crazy prints you choose for your dresses!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

So typical that Curtise & I are drawn to the same frock....that green one rocks!!! That fabric takes my breath away. I'm loving the posing with props too. I love the put a bird on it dress, & the fabric of that first skirt. I will never stop proclaiming how clever you are. Xx

alicia said...

oh my god the poses!!! i love you. i'm also dying over "...from who knows where". <3 <3 <3