Thursday, May 08, 2014

Levana 2.0 - WSBN Road trip!

If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember the trip I took with the WSBN last year to Levin to go to the Levana factory store - only to find it was closed. We still had an awesome day, but didn't get to check out Levana.

I'm sure some people are wondering what exactly Levana is - well its a textiles factory that sells all  kinds of good stuff, including lots of merino for winter clothes.

Last weekend we tried to visit Levana again and guess what?  This time it was actually OPEN and they had a sale on remnants, hurrah!

 What was waiting for us when we arrived in the store? All kinds of pretties - perfect fabric for the cooler months ahead!

Don't let these photos fool you - the shop actually got INSANELY busy! There were only two staff members working running between the cutting tables and the till. 

We were all eventually able to buy what we wanted and were extremely happy - as can be seen in the photo below. 
From left to right - Me! (obviously), Juliet, Linda, Nikki, Sandra and Elizabeth. I'm looking so happy because I bough so much wonderful warm merino fabric. The two pieces of stripe fabric will become dresses/tunics, the red fabric a top and the black a cardi (although I may change my mind - you never know!)
The Hospice op shop in Levin was pretty awesome last time, so we decided to check it out again. This place had so many treasures!
Look at all of these amazing souvenir spoons for 50 cents each - I really had no reason to buy a spoon, but they were fun to look through. 

 Also there was SO MUCH FABRIC at the op shop - it was amazing! There we also heaps of other crafty goodies like buttons, trim, zippers and so much more.
What is a trip to an op shop without seeing a humorous pattern or two - this was my favourite.
I managed to pick up some slightly more useful pattens - a mens jumper/cardi pattern and a woman's raglan sleeve top. Turns out these Amvic patterns were made in Levin, I googled them and couldn't really find any further information about them - but they are pretty great.
Here's my op shop haul - all of this for $12! I'm hoping to use most of the fabric to make summery clothes for our holiday next month. The zippers, trim and other bits will all come in useful - you can never have too many zippers!
Obviously we had to finish up the day with a shared lunch - because that's what the WSBN does. So many delicious things!


Vix said...

How exciting, there's some great fabric there, loving the pink striped one especially!
How hilarious is that pattern cover? xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Your holiday's in a month? Wow that came along quickly, you must be getting really excited! I wish I'd been there to tag along and snaffle some amazing bargains, what a relief the factory shop was open this time, I remember how disappointed you were on your last visit. Can't wait to see your next project! xxoxoxoo

Curtise said...

Look at all that brilliant fabric! And a fabulous shared lunch too, excellent. xxx

Macska said...

Aaaah! I so wish I'd been there! I am now suffering major fabric envy. ;-) Which length do you think you'll make up first?

alicia said...

i'm so happy it was OPEN! i hate when things just decide to have stupid hours, mostly because the mall has to be open for 100 hours a day every effing day!

i love that aerobics man pattern!!!

<3 <3 <3