Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weekend Walking - Waikanae River

It's now summer and Rich is taking summer off study so its time to head out of the city and do some day trips.Our first day trip of this summer was last Sunday when we headed out to Waikanae - we decided to walk along the Waikanae River to Waikanae Beach and back (it ended up being a 12km walk altogether). 

We caught the bus from the city to Waikanae Villiage and had a quick look around and ate some pizza for lunch. I saw this in a shop window in Waikanae - I guess this isn't something you'd everywhere right?
We started our walk along the river - it was such a HOT day, so many people were in the river swimming.

It wasn't long before we came across our first bridge - I like pedestrian bridges when I'm out walking.

Then it was time for even more walking.....

We finally made it to a park where heaps of families were hanging out, having picnics and kids were playing in the playground and most importantly. There was an ice cream truck! So we had to have an ice cream!

After our treats, it was time for more walking and another bridge.

 Then before you knew it we arrived at Waikanae Beach! But we only stayed there for the few moments. We weren't planning on spending a day at the beach or anything. We just wanted to walk there for fun.

That hill you can see in the distance is Kapiti Island, its a nature reserve, I would love to visit someday soon.
Then it was time to head back to Waikanae Villiage and catch a train back to the city. We got a bit lost along the way and ended up in El Rancho - I think it was private property and we weren't meant to be there. Opps!
We saw this derelict gazebo along the track - it was quite beautiful.
I was also super excited when we came across a rabbit family - can you see them in the picture below.
Finally Rich took this photo of me on the walk - obviously I like to dress appropriately for a day of walking. 
I hope you're all having a lovely week - I'm counting down the days till Christmas break! Only four working days to go!!


two squirrels said...

You look so lovely sitting in the daisies sweet......what a wonderful way to spend the weekend.
Yay santa is v

Vix said...

Those bridges look very new and fancy, you're taking your life in your hands on walks here and frequently leaping over expanses of water! It looks gloriously sunny and warm there and I'm jealous! x

Curtise said...

What a gorgeous walk! A beautiful river, clear blue skies, rabbits and ice cream, perfect! And I love the shadow pic on the bridge. xxx

Louise said...

What beautiful scenery! River, sea, green trees, and bunnies... perfect walk, in my opinion! You look lovely sitting amongst the daisies! Love your dress :)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Gorgeous pics Trees. You are so lucky living in such a beautiful country! Your pics always make me long to go back. Xx

Kura Carpenter said...

swimming in the river in summer - so kiwi. Brings back many memories

Monsterchen said...

oh wow how beautiful! you must be so happy to live surrounded by such beauty! and yay for the ice cream truck;)

alicia said...

what kind of ice cream is that??? bear brings up "spiders" like once a week. he's pretty amused that they're not just floats. also unrelated, fly cemetery. <3 <3 <3