Saturday, March 23, 2013

Oh My Glob you guys!!

It was Ria's birthday WAY back in January and I decided to make her another Adventure Time cross stitch because we are both big fans. For Christmas I made her a Finn and Jake cross stitch and this time I decided to go with Lumpy Space Princess, because she's amazing and ridiculous. If you've never watched Adventure Time here's a few LSP moments:

Unfortunately the LSP cross stitch too longer to make than I thought it would, I thought I could do it in a few weeks but as it turns out that was a little bit ambitious. I also decided to use metallic thread for the text and it turns out metallic thread is a total bitch to use, which means the project spread out even LONGER! 

Here's a look at the final result - I think it looks pretty rad:

Hope you've all been having a super weekend xoxox


CityScape Skybaby said...

I love this Trees, I bet your friend did too. I'm starting to get really interested in doing a bit of cross stitching, just need to be brave enough to start doing it! I always worry that I'll wreck it by doing it all wrong. I used to love Adventure Time as Riley always watched it, but we don't get the channel that it's on anymore, I miss its cute theme tune. xx

Melanie said...

I have no idea what Adventure Time is, but I'm sure your friend loved her gift, it's fab!

Frocktasia said...

I've never heard of 'Adventure Time' but I'm going straight on to YouTube to check it out now ;)
Love your cross stitch Lumpy Space Princess...xXx

Penny-Rose said...

Love it - no idea what Adventure time is but I still love it. What a lovely gift.

alicia said...

i love LSP! she has the hottest lumps. i love your cross-stitching so much! i want to learrrrrn! <3

Anonymous said...

I've also never heard of Adventure Time but I love that you've done something so customised! Looks great.