Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The happiest country on earth - part one - Hideaway Island

It is true -Vanuatu is the happiest country on earth, well at least I think so. Our trip to Vanuatu started so early we may as well not have gone to bed at all on Saturday night, but it was worth it to see this early morning view on the plane as we traveled from Wellington to Auckland to catch out flight to Port Vila.
In the distance you can see our first destination - Hideaway Island! It's just a short ferry ride away from Efate (the Island where port vila is) in fact - less than five minutes.
The beach at Hideaway Island is all coral - so you need to wear shoes to walk on it - but that was fine with us as it meant that it was a perfect snorkeling beach. We saw so many cool fish whilst snorkeling - including a whole "Nemo" family!
Because the beach is all coral, the resort had loads of these lovely white deck chairs to lounge about on. I really loved them, a great place to leave your towel and other gear whilst snorkeling but also great to sit on to read a book and watch the sunset.
This black maxi is my new favourite holiday dress - I picked it up in an op shop in Kilbirnie for a couple of dollars before we left.
Messages of love in the form of coral!
There were a fun activities included with the price of our room - including a daily glass bottom boat ride! Fun times.
Another view of Hideaway Island from our glass bottom boat - so pretty!
This is the view you have when you first arrive at Hideaway Island - I love it!
Finally a friend we made on the Island - if you couldn't tell from the photos, Hideaway Island in absolutely tiny. You can walk around the whole island in about ten minutes and we didn't think there were any animals on the island at all until this friendly guy turned up at our door on the third day. I'm sure he was being well fed from scraps from the restaurant.


Vintage Bird Girl said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time in Paradise! What a gorgeous little Island. Love your frocks....the cut & pattern of the short one is so cute, you look so stylish, & I can see why you love the maxidress. Love the yellow shoes too. Looking forward to seeing some more holiday pics. I hope it wasn't a rude shock being back at work! Xx

Vix said...

I'm lost for words, not only does it look like paradise but there's cats, too! Perfection!
Loving both your frocks, you look fantastic in that maxi. xxx

Krista said...

I have never seen coral like that on the beach TRIP OUT! You look so happy and laid back and that new maxi was a perfect take along. I can't believe you could walk to whole island in 10 minutes!!!

cb said...

oh my goodness, your trip looks amazing! i want to go there! you area always going on such great trips! take me please! oh and you made a kitty friend? those are the best! he or she looks adorable! can't wait to hear more so i can be green with envy!

Curtise said...

I KNEW I'd be jealous! The island looks gorgeous, and so do you, love the peacock print frock, and the new maxi is a stunner.
Cute kitty too. It truly is paradise!
PS. When we visited the Maldives and stayed on one of the tiny atolls, I never even made it round the whole place, I was so lazy! Isn't that a disgrace? But a sign that I was deeply chilled! xxx

Camelia Crinoline said...

It looks gorgeous. I love your dress too. I assume the cute kitty is not a native of the island :)

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet you look so relaxed and happy. The pics are gorgeous, what a beautiful place!!! And a pussy-cat too!!!!
Love v

Wait Until The Sunset said...

what gorgeous photos!!! You must have had an amazing time!!!

And that fedora and dress combo- hot stuff! xx