Friday, November 04, 2011

My Second Dress - 80's-o-rama

A couple of weeks back I completed sewing my second dress, the pattern I had was pretty 80's and I ended up with an 80's looking dress. I showed you all the pattern I was going to use WAY back in this post, clearly I shortened it a lot as it was far too long for me.
I am pretty happy with my sewing, the dress is made from jersey stretchy stuff which was at times a total bitch to sew. However I finished it, it looks like the pattern and everything but the problem is, I just don't like the style! If you follow my wardrobe posts you will know I like to wear vintage frocks which are generally fitted. This frock is just lacking in structure for me, I feel a bit like I am wearing the kind of tee shirt nightie I used to wear as a teenager. In fact if it wasn't for the belt, this frock would be a bit of a sack.

I am happy with my work, just not happy with the style, but I guess this happens to a lot of sewers or at least I hope it does? I have found from being a crafter that sometimes what you imagine something to be and what it actually ends up being are two distinctly different things.

Final photo of complete silliness - I made a headband of this fabric for an earlier Red Velvet project so I thought I'd wear them both at the same time. Oh the silliness.


Kc said...

Love the second photo!! :) ah yes - sometimes it just doesn't work out like you imagined. Same as trying clothes on in a shop I suppose! At least you're happy with your sewing and you're learning that's the main thing :)


alicia said...

it looks really cute and cozy! and especially jazzy with the matching headband! ;D

you should definitely be proud of yourself - stretch fabric is HARD to sew! awesome job!


Vix said...

I love the style, those sleeves are kimono-tastic and the stripes are groovy! the headband is a cool touch. Nice work!!! x

cb said...

i actually really like the style on you alot! i think you look really great and you did a great job with it too! yea jersey can be a huge bitch to sew with but i always like that fabric!

Trees said...

@ KC - Yip you are totally right, I had an inclining this dress might not quite be my style but it was a good experience. Especially seen as I was sewing with evil stretch fabric!

@ Alicia - I am SO rocking with the head band, totally look like I should be in an 80's music video;)

@ Vix - Thanks for your lovely words - I think the main reason I made it was because of the sleeves.

@ Cb - So many of my friends that sew said sewing jersey was a bitch - now I TOTALLY understand WHY! Gah! EVIL!!