Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog Giveaway - Win!

I always enter giveaways on blogs, but I never seem to win. So when Chole at Wasted Fashion - An exercise in Trivial Pursuits was having a giveaway I had to enter.

However - this time I knew I would get something - why you ask? Well instead of doing the whole leave your name and comment thing that usually happens on giveaways, Chole listed a whole bunch of stuff she loved and the first person to say the wanted something got it!

Which is very generous of her and it also meant I could pick up these awesome Hello Kitty earbuds all the way from Singapore. I like them a whole bunch and strangely my current earbuds have just stopped working - coincidence? I think not!

Thanks so much Chole and I would recommend that if you love cute a quirky fashion you check out Chole's blog as she has amazing style.


alicia said...

that's awesome! i never win anything. EVER!
those ear buds are perfect for you!


cb said...

so cute! you are one lucky lady, hello kitty is awesome!

Wait Until The Sunset said...

sent you a bit of love with a blog award because you are so fabulous! :) Check it out!

Vany said...

Funny enough I thought of you when I saw them on her blog...

Trees said...

@ Vany - You know me so well;)