Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My weekend in pictures

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend - Rich and I did but it was pretty busy as well went meant it was over with far too quickly!!

On Friday night Rich and I went along to see Carousel Cabaret Burlesque as my friend Ria was performing as her alter ego "Galaxy Fox" it was a lot of fun but I was surprised how many people in the crowd were dressed in amazing costumes! I felt a little under dressed and that doesn't happen often. My mind is buzzing with a few ideas of what I could wear next time - even though I won't be able to go again until February (they have the show on the 23rd of each month).

On Saturday morning Rich and I went to the "Monster Garage Sale" at the church which is about 2 minutes walk from our apartment. We managed to pick up a few books and other bits and pieces for dirt cheap (we bought four books for 50 cents).

However, the church folks were pretty innovative and had come up with a few other ways to raise funds - including charging $4 to let people play their church organ for 5 minutes. It was pretty fun.

We did have another reason for visiting the church as well:

We had a general election here in New Zealand on Saturday and the church was our closest polling booth. I generally don't talk about anything political on here as I am a public service, but I will say I was really disappointed by the poor voter turnout - 31% of New Zealanders did not bother to vote in the election. It makes me kind of sad and angry that women fought so hard historically to get the vote and people all over the world are still fighting to have the right to vote but 31% of New Zealanders can't be bothered to head to a polling vote, especially when I know friends in both Australia and the UK made every effort to vote even though they don't live in New Zealand any more. On Saturday night we went to a friends house to watch the election coverage and have an amazing dinner. I provided the dessert for the evening - it may have strawberries on top but its actually a banana and chocolate cake and it was pretty good. Which I was really happy about - I always get a bit nervous about full size cakes. If you make cupcakes you can always test one to make sure it tastes good but with a full size cake its all or nothing! If it goes horribly wrong all your friends will know - eek.

On Sunday we decided that we needed a break from the city and seen as it was a beautiful day we decided to head out to Paekakariki Beach which is about an hour from Wellington. I really like it out here but this is the first time I have been since we returned from living overseas (which will be a full year next month!).

After we had finished walking and looking around the beach we decided to grab some drinks from a cute cafe/design store. Here's a few photos from the inside of the store - its a mix of vintage things, new things, ice cream and hot and cold drinks.

Well that was our weekend in a nutshell - I hope you all had a great time too xoxox


Vix said...

As usual your photos are lovely, so sunny and bright. That shop looks really interesting. Is that a fondue set I spy?
31% is a vast improvement on the British turnout. I think it's something pitiful like 24% of the electorate. i never understand how people think they can moan about government when they are so complacent about voting. x

Meghan Edge said...

You're wearing all black chucks!!!!!! LOVE!

alicia said...

you always have such adventurous weekends! <3

cb said...

what a great weekend! the weather looks amazing for the beach too and church garage sales are always the best!

Trees said...

@ Vix - YES!! It is a fondue set. Unfortunately all the vintage in the store was really expensive. But I was so taken by it all. The whole lack of voting makes me sad - why anyone would choose not to vote is beyond me!

@ Meg - Snap! Shoe twins!

@ Alicia - I try to have any many adventures as possible:)

@ Cb - Seriously how fun a church garage sales - all the people there were super lovely too:)