Thursday, September 08, 2011

Red Velvet - Projects three (2.0) and four

Sew September has been going pretty well for me, I have so far managed to sew every day! Except for one - but even then I did pin and hem a vintage dress I had bought. So I did do something sewing related.

I thought I'd share with you all some of the sewing I have been up to, in particular the items related to my Red Velvet course.

Project three -Make up bag - version 2.0

If you follow my blog, you will know that my original version of this pouch didn't work out correctly. The pouch looked fine but the lining didn't work out at all. So I thought I would try it again. I actually decided to make a pouch for my notebook rather than a make-up bag and my notebook fits perfectly. In case you were wondering - yes that is Hello Kitty fabric. I saw it on trade me and I couldn't resist it. I am glad to show you all the lining of my pouch which worked out this time! There is still room for improvement, but overall I am pretty happy with this pouch.

Project four - Headband

Project four was my first attempt at sewing with stretchy fabric and it wasn't quite as scary as I thought. The only problem is what to do with my headband! Its not really my style, I was hoping that I could wear it to the gym as my hair isn't really long enough to wear tied up bit it is kind of out of control at the gym. But this headband isn't really gym friendly. I am trying to grow my hair longer at the moment, so maybe the headband will suit me better when I have longer hair.

My next project on the list is belt - I am hoping to make a belt with the ice cream fabric I used for my original make-up bag. I'll be back with more photos soon!


cb said...

glad things are going well!! i have been sewing every night too! i can't wait to see your belt!

Trees said...

I'm not too sure about the belt Cb, but I shall still post a pic of it. Tonight I am mending a frock:)

Helga said...

Good shit,darl!Love the Hello Kitty notbook bag!!! I'm not a headband girly either,really,but you just never know when the mood might hit!!XXX

Trees said...

Hey Helga - thanks for your comment. I think I'll keep holding onto this headband, who knows when I will decide I am actually a headband girl;)

Marina said...

I love the make up bag, it's really cute :)

Vix said...

I'd forgotten all about Sew September, I loved Me Made March.
Love that bag and the headband is fabulous. Can't wait to see the ice cream fabric belt. x

Trees said...

Marina - Thanks so much for your comment:)

Vix - I am just learning to sew, but I really hope that next year I will own enough clothes made by me to do Me Made March:) said...

Well aren't YOU clever?! What fabulous creations! Well done!

Trees said...

Corrine - Thanks so much...on the LONG road to learning how to make my own clothes. Should have listened more in sewing class at school ;)