Sunday, September 11, 2011

Instax Sunday: Bucket Fountain

Today Rich and I went to see an iconic New Zealand film, Footroot Flats at the Embassy Theatre where its having a short season. It was pretty cool to see the movie on the big screen - Vernon the Vermin is still kind of grosses me out all these years later.

After we watched the movie we decided to head to Cuba Street for lunch and I took an instax photo of the bucket fountain. The bucket fountain is pretty iconic in Wellington, it even has its own website here.
Yesterday I decided that I really needed to do something with all my instax photos as they all just seemed to be sitting in a wee box doing nothing.
I decided to string up all the photos in our flat, I found a box of tiny bags at Warehouse Stationary that were just perfect for attaching them to the string.

What do you all think? Any ideas for displaying instax photos creatively?


Kc said...

I love footroot flats!!! Lucky you getting to see it :)


Julia said...

Very cool! They look perfect displayed like that <3

Footroot Flats & the bucket fountain are about as kiwi as it gets!!

Trees said...

Kc I was pretty excited to see it on the big screen and I got a deal off grab one so the tickets were only $7 each:)

Julia its kiwi as;)

cb said...

i love that you hung your instax pictures! such a cute idea!

Malayka said...

Great idea!