Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sunny Sunday Adventures

Last Sunday was a beautiful day in Wellington, I had been sick on Saturday so I was very keen to get out and about and enjoy the day.

We started out by going to see our friend Nilanka's choir "The Homophones" sing as part of the Pacific Out Games events that where happening in Wellington over the weekend.

The choir was performing at the Wellington Town Hall - I've only been to the town hall to see gigs before so I never realised just how stunning it is. So beautiful.

Here's some photo's from the performance which consisted of a choir from Wellington and a choir from Auckland. The choir's performed individually and together. One of my favourite songs was Dubula, which was a Sotho folksong from South Africa.
After seeing the choir we went to check out the Mygalaxi Art Markets - which was a great little market. There venue was kind of cool as were the stalls.

There was so much I could have bought at the markets - but I decided on these three postcard. My favourite is the "Newlydeads" one.

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