Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello Kitty Swap

If you read my blog regulary you'll know that I while back I did a Hello Kitty swap and my partner flaked on me! Which is so not cool. However, the organiser of the swap arranged for me to have a "swap angel" - someone who would send me a package due to the fact my partner didn't bother too and seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. I was annoyed my partner flaked but I was so happy with the package I recieved it totally made up for it. First of all I recieved this chalkboard, which is double sided, this side is themed in My Melody style all pink and super girly. The other side is themed Kuromi style, Kuromi is my favourite Hello Kitty Character - she's a creepy cute rabbit - I like her a lot. I also recieved my intial's in wood coloured red and black - my favourite colours.
Next up are these fridge magnets - featuring Hello Kitty, Kuromi and My Melody. The vampire Hello Kitty one is my favourite I think.
My angel also send me these creepy cute emo looking kid stickers - they are pretty rad. I stuck one of the girls on my cell phone.
The goodies just keep coming! I also recieved a hand painted My Melody coin purse with Hello Kitty sticking plasters. I opened one to see what they look like but I actually think there are a variety of different deigns.
She also send me an extra of peppermint chocolate coffee which sounds great but I don't drink coffee. I am sure that I can find a friend who won't mind taking it off my hands though.
I also recieved some Kuromi/rockabilly earrings and a Kuromi pendant. I especially love the cherry earrings.
She also made these sanrio horror themed brooched - Frankenstein's monster Hello Kitty and Zombie & Devil Kuromi. Devil Kuromi's ear and horn fell off but I am sure they can easily be glued back together.
She also sent me a whole bunch of store bought stuff - which is great because getting Hello Kitty stuff in New Zealand can be hard. I love this little My Melody coin purse. I almost don't want to use it in case I ruin it. She also included so Hello Kitty stickers inside.
I also recieved some packets of Sanrio bubble gum - I love the packaging. Very Cute.
Also a Hello Kitty notebook and pencils - I think I'll keep these at work. Much more interesting than the standard stationary we have at the office.
Finally Hello Kitty lip balm and a lemon avon brand lip balm. I seriously can never have too much lip balm so these are great.
So that's my whole package - its really awesome and I am so stoked with everything I recieved. All I need now is some ribbon so I can start wearing that Kuromi pendant.


Anonymous said...


Meghan Edge said...

I think you made out well!

You don't call them bandaids? You call them sticking plasters!? SO CUTE.

I had a swap once. The girl loved Hello Kitty so I made her a frankenstein, werewolf and vampire hello kitty. (The creepy cute swap)

What Sadie Did said...

OMG HOW much stuff did you receive?! That's awesome!! Can't wait to complete my first online swap!

I love the fridge magnets and the cherry earrings :)


Trees said...

Meg - I did a creepy cute swap on craftster once - maybe we were in the same swap. I actually did a simmilar thing too - my partner loved cats so I made her vamp-kitty, franken-kitty, zombie-kitty & bat-kitty (Not the Hello type of kitty though!).

Sadie - I know this is an exceptional haul! You need to get over to craftster and sign up for some swapping:D