Friday, August 13, 2010

The search for cupcakes....

I love cupcakes but I can't make any in Korea as I don't have an oven. It's also hard to buy cupcakes as I think baked goods are a fairly recent addition to the Korean diet.

But last weekend Rich and I stumbled across this place "Goodovening Cupcake" - the cafe was really cute and the cupcakes were so pretty.

My cupcake was a little bit dry but it was still worth it even though it was a little pricy!


Julia said...

What a cute wee shop!
Wait...You don't have an oven??
Hope you enjoy your weekend xo

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

The shop looks cute - I like how there are all the candies. It's a shame it's a little dry - we have the same problem here in that there aren't many places with cupcakes at the moment! x

Trees said...

Sadly no:( I have an electric range but due to the small size of Korean apartments oven's aren't that common.

I'm waiting to bake up a storm when I am home visiting the parents in a couple of weeks.

Hope you had a great weekend too xoxo