Monday, August 23, 2010

Possibly the last weekend in Seoul

This weekend was quite possibly our last weekend in Seoul, I really love Seoul and will be really sad to say goodbye!

On Saturday we decided to visit some of our favourite places in Seoul for possibly the last time.

1. Gwanghwamun Plaza - This time when we visited Gwanghwamun Plaza there were all sort of crazy "animals" nearby as part of an art exhibition.

2. Samcheong Dong - This is a suburb in Seoul - famous for it's art galleries, cafe's and traditional style buildings. Everyone loves to come here to take pictures.

3. Insadong - Famous for it's tea houses and markets.

Just for fun - here's a cheesy picture of me with my polariod camera!


Jaymie said...

Ah those scultpures are amazing, so fun!

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

Great pictures looks like you had a great time lucky girl

Unknown said...

sounds like you've had a great time! :)