Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Years Resolution Update - Movies 25, 26 & 27

I'm not sure if my new years resolution is going all that well, in fact I feel as if I should have watched twice as many films by now! But who knows maybe I will still make it to 110 movies by 31 Decemeber.

Here's a few films I have watched recently, first of all, Robin Hood. I really liked this film, it wasn't the typical Robin Hood story that TV shows and movies are usually based on - in fact it focuses on the story just before the "legend" begins.

Second is a Korean film, the English title is "Poetry". It's not often we get to see new Korean films but some of the cinema's in Seoul have started playing a few showings of current films with English subtitles which is just awesome. Poetry was a good movie but not a feel good movie - it deals with a grandmother and her grandson (who she is raising). Her grandson has committed a rather horrible crime with his friends and the grandmother finds herself dragged into a plan by the other boys fathers to deal with the "problem" with money. At the same time she's trying desperately hard to write a great poem for her poetry class. Like I said, this movie doesn't leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside but it does have something really important to say.
Finally, on Saturday we saw the remake of "Nightmare on Elm Street", I've been wanting to see this for a while as it's a remake rather than another sequel and I was interested to see how the new film would interpret the original story. Unfortunatly, I have to say I really do prefer the old movie. Like a lot of new horror movies, this version of an old story is really dark, no great one liners and everything is so so serious and dark.

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