Saturday, May 08, 2010

Cross-Stitchy Goodness

Korea has more cutesy cross-stitchy goodness than you can imagine. I've seen all sorts - babies booties, tea towels, key chains, cell phone charms, cushions. If you head out to Dongdaemun markets in Seoul, you can buy cross-stitchable versions of all sorts of items.

In true Korean style, most of these items are super cutesy, they are usually in pastel colours and have sweet little accents like flowers and rhinestones.

It was my friend Carolyn's birthday way back in January and I decided to send her one of these cross-stitchable items. I decided on a set of seatbelt covers.

The covers were in white and blue with poka dots and had sparkly flower accents.

Having bought the cutesy covers I needed to think of something to stitch on them, after thinking a while I came up with the design below. It's pretty simple - but I think it works.

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