Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Jinhae Blossom Festival

On Saturday, Rich, Dani and I travelled with about 50 other foriegners to Jinhae, near the bottom of the Korean Penisula to take part in the Cherry Blossom Festival.

We spent a huge amount of time travelling, but it was totally worth it, even if the blossom's weren't in full bloom due to the fact that it has been a particulary cold winter in Korea this year and spring is a little late this year.

When we first arrived at Jinhae, the group separated and everybody went to find lunch. We decided against sitting down for lunch and ate street food and had a look around Jinhae to see how many cherry blossoms we could find.

After "lunch" we met up again with the rest of our group and got on a bus to see a turtle ship. Jinhae is a coastal town and there is a strong navel presence, a turtle ship is a type of warship which was at a navel base of some sort. You could have a look on board the turtle ship but the line was very long so we chose to check out the area around the ship instead which included a giant anchor and lots of Korean people taking photos.

When the bus returned to town it was time to walk a huge amount of steps to the top of a hill, and then walk up more steps to the top of a tower (we could have taken a lift to the top of the tower but the line was really long and we didn't want to wait).

We finished up the day with a look around the markets at Jinhae which had been set up for the festival. Most of the stalls were food, but on the upside we did get some great kebab's (it was the first time I've had a decent kebab in Korea).

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