Sunday, April 18, 2010

An afternoon in Yeouido

It's been a long and cold winter in South Korea this year according to my workmates and Korean friends. However, the weather is finally getting warmer and it's starting to feel a lot like spring.

We had heard that the cherry blossoms were in bloom in Yeouido, so we decided to go and check them out seen as I had also wanted to visit the "63 Building" which is in Yeouido for a really long time.

Walking to the 63 building we encountered so many cherry blossoms! They are so pretty and make for great photos.

We finally arrived at our destination, The 63 building, which you can see is very tall and mirror like. When we got inside we were bombarded with things we can do. As well as having a viewing deck, the tower also has an aquarium, wax works and IMAX amongst the usual shops and eateries. However we decided just to visit the viewing deck which also includes the world's highest art gallery.

The view from the top of the tower is amazing, you can see so much of the city and can really see the contrast between the areas of town that are filled with the identical skyscrapers and the older parts of town that appear to have grown more organically.

The art gallery was really amazing too, it had a really great photography exhibition on with mainly Korean photographers. However, it felt like the art got a little bit "lost" on the viewing deck as it seemed like most people there wanted to check out the view and not look at art - which is fine. But it seemed like this wasn't the best place in the world to have an art gallery even if it is the highest art gallery in the world.

After we had out lunch we decided to check out a large garden in Yeouido whilst walking to the station. There were so many people!! Especially people on bikes and roller blades - it was pure madness and it wasn't even a great day weather wise - I wonder what this place will be like on a really nice spring day.

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