Sunday, December 13, 2009

A day in Samcheong-dong

Last Sunday Rich and I spent the day in an amazing and beautiful area of Seoul called Samcheong-dong. We started off with a very tasty and expensive hot chocolate in a cute cafe.

Shortly after our hot chocolate we found one of the muesuems we really wanted to see in the area "Toy Kino" - this is the third toy muesuem we have been to in Seoul and I think it's also the best one we have been to.

After visiting the Toy Muesuem we looked around Samcheong a little more - it's famous for it's Traditional Korean houses known as Hanok. We even had lunch at a Mexican restuarant in a Hanok which was a very post modern moment.

After lunch we found an "Owl Mueseum" which was basically a woman's vast collection of Owls - she had more owls that you could ever imagine from all over the world. The folks in the muesuem gave us a free cup of tea and asked us to write a note or draw a picture or whatever for their notebook of visitors.

Once we had finished with muesuem we decied to spend some more time looking around Sancheong which is famous with tourists but also locals as it's so beautiful and there are so many amazing photo oppourtunities.

Then finally, as we were looking for a subway station to head along we found an "ice gallery" which was the most amazing place! So many different ice sculptures under one roof - I have really never seen anything like it - I love it when we find totally random discoveries like this in Seoul.

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