Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

So Christmas day has come and gone for 2009 and it's had it's ups and Downs! Christmas Eve for me went really well - first of all the boxes of presents I had been waiting for from my parents and a Christmas swap package all arrived on Christmas Eve when I had given up all hope of them arriving on time.

Also, on Christmas Eve I put together some packages of candy and New Zealand pens, pencils and key rings for my Principle and Vice Principles as well as some packages of lollies and biscuits for the office staff. I didn't expect to receive anything in response, after all, Christmas is really a western holiday even though it is a public holiday in Korea. So I was very happy when the Principle turned up in my classroom with a Christmas cake from Paris Baguette which included the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" Christmas hat I had been wanting!

Christmas day started all well and good - until Rich went to turn on his computer and it wouldn't all! We still don't know what's wrong with it but we are pretty worried about some of the stuff on the hard drive. The computer is still under warranty from HP but we are a bit worried about how long it's going to take to repair and who we will need to take it to for repairs. We are hoping there are some HP staff in Korea which speak enough English to help us out - Rich has e-mailed HP in New Zealand but we will have to wait until after the Christmas break for a response **sigh** I just have the horrible feelings it's going to be one of those very difficult situations - all problems with computers seem to lead to difficult situations - maybe it's time for me to finally buy a notebook.

In the afternoon a few of our friends came over to spend the afternoon with us which was a lot of fun, we had a whole heap of food, like a crazy amount and our fridge still has two cakes plus maybe four bottles of wine plus a bottle of North Korean Soju. We also have many many lollies, candy canes and chocolates - we won't be going hungry!

So Christmas afternoon was spent eating, drinking and being merry - I wish I could share some photo's but the lack of functioning computer means I can't download them which sucks.

In the evening Rich and I went to a concert with one of the teachers from Rich's school - the concert was at her church and even though we has little idea of what was being said the concert was kind of fun with plenty of interesting performances and when we left the church it had been snowing so it was kind of a white Christmas.

So now it's Boxing day and most of the day has been spent in the same way it would be in New Zealand - continuing to eat yesterday's food and watching movies on TV.

However, I'm now in the PC Bang (or Internet cafe) updating my blog and doing some research for our trip to Japan - although like any trip to a foreign country it's a bit mind blowing - we have nine day what should we see and do? Although one thing is set in stone we will be visiting Sanrio Puroland or "Hello Kitty World" as I like to call it.

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and let's do it all again next Friday - New Years Eve!

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