Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Crazy hats are awesome

It's winter time now here in Korea and it's cold so you really do need to wrap up warm and that means winter hats - recently I bought a big fluffy hat which Rich calls my "Russian Hat"but this hat merely scratches the surface of crazy hats!

There are SO many crazy winter hats in Korea - my favourite are the ones that look like a large soft toy has been masscred in order to create them. So many of the children at my school are wearing cats, bears and monkey's on their heads - some even have the matching scarf which is the paws of the animal! My favourite so far has to be a boy we saw on the subway, he had a tiger hat with a tiger claw scarf - a little crazy but super cute.


Unknown said...

Where is your scary hat?

Trees said...

Don't worry I've been rocking the scary hat most of this week ;)