Monday, March 16, 2009

Santa Nankz!

So a while ago, our friends in the UK said presents to our friend Nilanka's house for Rich and I and also for Ross and we have been trying FOREVER to find a time that we can all meet up to hand over the presents. Finally we managed to do this last Thursday and our friend Nilanka played "Santa Nankz" and handed out all of the presents (he couldn't find a Santa had but he did manage to find a stunning wizard hat for the occasion).Ross said it would be fitting to have some "cakey things" for the night - he's a photo of Rich's plate - a cupcake (made by me) , a slice and a piece of cake (made by Nankz I think - or maybe Paul).
Some photo's of the stash that Rich and I received - first of all the card and the unopened silver package.
Next of course come the opening of the package (completed by me) and finally our stash two really interesting books and some very cool badges (including a pack of South Park badges).

Although Nankz and Paul opened their present a while ago I thought I'd include a shot of Nankz with his present anyways a very cool book all about the 1980's.

Finally Ross' present - the most saucy of the night - I think that Conor must have picked this one.

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