Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Shall I Wear Today?

My craft group, the crafty foxes, are having a photo shoot in a few months complete with vintage look dresses.

Here's a few pattern options that I have for my dress (although my dress will be in black - possibly with red accents!).

This first pattern does look quite naff I must admit but the dress I would be looking at having made is the yellow one which could be pretty cute - it will be in black of course, not yellow, I don't do yellow.
The option for this patter in the dress in the forefront - I'm not sure if I am loving this style too much to be honest, but it could be cool.
Third choice is the dress in the back (again in yellow!). I think this is my favourite one to date as long as I can have a huge skirt with lots of tulle.

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