Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Rest of the New Years Resolutions....

So I've done a pretty LAME job of listing the rest of the New Years resolutions! Given February is ALMOST upon us **yikes** I figured I better list them!

2) Skate as much as possible - particularly whilst the sun is shining!

3) Spend my 30th birthday somewhere exotic - preferably Tokyo.
4) To travel to as many exotic locations as possible in 2009.
5) Try not to overcommit myself - I only end up not being able to spend enough time on any one thing and no time a home relaxing. I can't be everywhere at once.

6) Make my "top ten" zombie film list - I always read about awesome zombie films online or in books and vow I need to make a list of the top 10 zombie films I want to see, but I never make the list and I never end up seeing any of the films I want to. So this year - I will have a zombie top 10!
7) De clutter the "stuff". I have so much stuff - I don't know where it comes from - maybe it breeds when I am not looking. But it needs to be de cluttered by June. Seriously. By the way - the clutter below isn't MY clutter. Actually it makes me feel a bit better about my clutter!
8) Bake more stuff - I like to bake, it's fun. I just have to find people other than Rich to bake for - maybe I can start taking baking to derby practice?
9) Wear a skull everyday (I had to include at least one that was achievable!)

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