Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crafty Foxes - Colour Swap

My Craft Group - the "Crafty Foxes" recently completed another swap. The theme of our latest swap was a "colour swap" we had to make three items for our partner and the two of the items needed to be small enough to fit into the third.

My partner was Iris and she chose the colour "Chartreuse" as her favourite colour! I wasn't actually 100% sure what colour Chartreuse was at the start of the swap so I googled it and found that basically I could make anything bright/fluro yellow or green. So here's what I made.

Firstly a wee cigar box with a handle (so I guess it could be used as a purse as well as a jewelery/storage box). I painted it Chartreuse and added Betty Paige (because everyone loves Betty) and some flowers and glass chips and of course - Glitter - Lots and Lots of Glitter....
This is the inside lid of the box - more Betty, more flowers, more glass chips and LOADS more Glitter!
Inside of the box (yes - that is more glitter you can see) with the other two crafty items I made for Iris.
This is a little coin purse I made for Iris - from an old tie - yes some man out there once wore a chartreuse tie to work with little squares and flowers all over it.
Finally a Voodoo Doll! You can even see the little pins in the doll. Why a voodoo doll? Because everyone needs a voodoo doll - don't they?

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