Sunday, December 02, 2007

A rather busy Saturday night...

So last Saturday night was kind of nuts with two of my bestest friends having celebrations on the same night!

So it was a rather busy night for me - the first event was Jess' Birthday dinner celebrations at Flying Burrito Brothers which was awesome. I love flying Burrito Brothers but it's so hard to get in there if you haven't made a booking and you can't make a booking unless you have 10 people or more! So a birthday is the perfect occasion to head there:)

I made Jess a set of purple (her favourite colour) fabric coloured beads for her birthday - here's a photo of my creation - I have to say I was quite stoked with the way they came out.

Unfortunately none of the photos I took at Flying Burrito Brothers seemed to be particular good of anyone so they were deleted from my camera! How strange that I the "crazy camera lady" shouldn't be able to take a photo - it seems very strange? Maybe it was the lighting? Or the "electric lemonade" cocktail I had?

After hanging out a Jess' birthday for a while it was time to take off to my next "Event" (I'm like sooo popular).

Ange, Rich, Ross and I headed over to Kat's place for her cocktail evening - which was really cool. Kat's landlord had FINALLY cleared out her back garden and given it a decent mow and tidy up.

Kat and her flattie JP had dragged her old shop counter into the garden and were using it as a bar - and JP was a legend at making the cocktails seen as he was a bartender in town. Other features of the garden for the evening included sparklers (I missed out but Rich and Ross got one!), and a mannequin in the garden as well as an open fire.

It was one of the best parties I'd been to for a while as everyone was really chilled out and it was such a nice night to be outside.

Although - I think this last photo should be titled "Trees and her tall friends" (Ange is leaning over and is STILL taller than me!). I read somewhere once that 5'6 is the average height of a NZ women, I AM 5'6 - how did I acquire so many tall friends?

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Ange said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Wish I could have been there for Kat's party! We'll have to do something on my next trips to NZ in Feb & in March :-)