Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas is NEARLY here!

Maybe I'm too old to make a Christmas list - but I don't care! I made one anyways.

I admit that the list was primarily for Rich but if anyone else out there feels like being generous I won't object :)

1) Brass Finger Cymbals - you can get them from Indeja (My bellydancing teachers shop)

2) A book of how to make bellydance costumes or a pattern of how to make bellydance costumes - try trademe? The internet?

3) A "Blythe" Doll - you can get them from Iko Iko :)

4) A nice notebook with nice white pages that I can write down/sketch all the ideas I have for crafty projects - small enough to fit in my hangbag so I can have it with me all the time for when I am suddenly hit by inspiration

5) A felting kit (I'm not sure where you get one - I've seen them online on American Website but you can get them on trade me I am sure)

6) A Living Dead Doll - to keep my zombie doll company! They sell them at that comic book shop by Rex Royale

7) The Beauty Myth by Naomi Klein - I really should have read this by now!!

8) Stuff that smells nice from Lush

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