Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finally starting to get some of my social life back!!

This weekend was the first weekend in ages I actually felt mostly "normal" although I still wasn't 100%. However, feeling mostly "normal" meant I could finally get out of the house and see some of my friends! Which was great because the bug I had caught had left me feeling pretty isolated:(

Anyways on Saturday I got to catch up with my good friend Carolyn from Taranki who I haven't seen in ages because she was down for a friends 30th. Basically I got to meet a couple of Carolyn's friends, we all went out and had some brunch at oriental parade and then spent some time hanging out in town and gossiping. It was fun just to see her and catch up.

Also whilst I was in town I was able to stop off at knitworld and pick up some wool and new knitting needles for my latest project - a pair of wrist cuffs. Watch this space! If they work out well I'll be sure to post a picture:)

In the afternoon Ross came around to visit - it was good to catch up with him and have a bit of a yarn. In the evening the three of us all went out and had some yummy Malaysian food and watched "Daywatch" the sequal to "Nightwatch" it was pretty good but some moments were a bit silly really and some moments left you thinking "hummm...this is odd...maybe it's some sort of cultural difference?" (as the film is Russian).

On Sunday I had a bit of a quiet one - Rich and I had morning tea at one of the little cafes in Aro Valley and then I spent the afternoon at a Muse meeting. It was good to see everyone though - it's been a while since we had a meeting:)

Then I just had a chilled out Sunday night hanging with Rich - I am now looking forward to next weekend though as this Friday Katrina is having a "Pirate themed housewarming" should give me a chance to catch up with a whole bunch of people I haven't seen for a while seen as I was knocked out with the flu bug.

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