Thursday, May 31, 2007


Yes it's true - we are FINALLY off to Rarotonga tommorrow and I can hardly wait:)

Over the past week I have been making my final preparations for the trip - I bought some shorts (well they are 3/4 pants on my but hey close enough), some cute summer open toe shoes (with skulls on them - too cute!!) and a few books for the plane and beach and also a cute summer hoodie that Kat made for me.

I have also packed my togs and summer frocks and dresses a plenty - looking forward to giving them some air after being neglected in my wardrobe due to cold weather.

We did a brief grocery shop today and picked up a few nibbly things and some cereal (as apparently food is quite expensive in Rarotonga) - I also made doubly sure I don't forget my toothbrush and toothpaste as one of the ladies at work forgot these on her trip to Rarotonga and ended up paying $13 for them!!

Well I best sign off for now - I have vowed not to touch a computer or cellphone for the next week!! But never fear - I'll be keeping a journal (I am SUCH a geek) so no doubt will have plenty of stories to tell and photo's to publish when I get back!! OMG GOING TO RARO!!

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