Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Born Again Runner

In an effort to regain some of my fitness I have lost over the past few months and lose some weight I have decided to embark on a long lost fitness love - running - yes running! Now I know many people out there would rather have teeth pulled than go for a run - I know this because I was once amongst their ranks!

This is the first decent run I have had in over a year - in fact it may be the first really decent run I have had since I moved to Wellington!! I ran from our place to the Botanical Gardens and back without stopping. As always it was hard to get going - for the first 5 minutes all that was going through my head was WTF am I doing? Do I really want to be fitter this badly? But then a few moments later I started to feel awesome - I am totally going to include more running in my exercise plan from now on - with running, going to the gym and bellydance my fitness will be up again in no time:)

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