Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bye Bye Georgie!!

On Wednesday night I headed out with the girls to bid a final farewell to Georgie before she heads home to the UK - yes I know we've already said goodbye to Georgie a couple of times now but this was the last time any of us will see her until either she comes back to NZ when she realises how truely wonderful it is and realises that she doesn't in fact want to go home or until one of us heads over to the UK for a holiday or OE.

Anyways, we started the night out at a Malaysian place with super yummy (and super cheap!!) food. It was really nice to catch up with everyone, as I kinda felt like I fell out of the loop for a bit as I didn't wanna be around people much when I found out Marth had died, so it's kinda nice to get back to my normal social butterfly routine.

Anyways after many noodles and much gossip about what Georgie had been up to and what she was going to get up to next in her exciting travel in Asia we decided it was time for coffee. But then coffee actually turned into gelato.

For those non-Wellingtonian's who read my blog - the greatest place in Wellington to get Gelato is Kaffee Eis!! There is a relatively new Kaffee Eis store opened next to Paramount Cinema so we went there to have a gelato...and joy upon joy they have Chai Gelato!! It's just like a Chai Latte...only cold:) YUM!

After further gossip and some Gelato it was time to leave, with final hugs to Georgie, we will all miss her!

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