Thursday, May 17, 2007

I FINALLY feel like I am going to Rarotonga!!

Why is that you may ask? Yesterday I FINALLY got to pick up my passport - and I am so HAPPY to finally have it - mugshot and all (the photo is terrible but I think that's pretty standard).

I also picked up our tickets and associated travel malarky from Jess yesterday - so we are all set to go....just counting down the days to our holiday!

In other news, I saw Jaimee for lunch today - it was good to see her and catch up. She had bought me a sympathy card with a little message in it which was very sweet of her:)

I went to bellydance after work today - when I came home I had a parcel from my friend Karen in Masterton - she'd written my a lovely wee sympathy card and sent me a glass heart to say sorry about Martha.

It's really good to know that I have friends that will be there for me even if the times are tough and I have to say I really appreciate all the support I've got over the past couple of weeks.

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