Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hello World!!

Hello all just a general catch up on what has been happening over the last week...humm...not much actually!!

I went to Celia's birthday lunch at Chow on Monday but my gums were still sore then and I wasn't feeling well then so I was only able to eat ice cream for my lunch and then I had to bail early and have a nap because I wasn't feeling good:( I'm mostly better now though - although the spots where my wisdom teeth once was is still quite sensitive. So better late than never but I'd just like to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELIA!!"

It's been my first truely "busy" week workwise just getting more and more things on my tray...but that's ok...better busy than nothing to do!

I was suppose to be at my first Sublime Stitching class tonight - but it's been postponed till 22 Feb due to a lack of interest - which SUCKS as I have been looking forward to going for such a long time...I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer *sigh*

Yesterday Rich and I did a walk over to Thorndon to drop off our lava lamp and disco ball for the "Rad Red Ross" Party which is on Saturday night - so looking forward to that - I have a cute red dress, red shoes and also bought some red fingernail polish today so I'm all set to go. They also have 24 Hour Party People on at the San Fransico Bath House the same night.

Rich and I are going to help Ross set up party central on Saturday - in exchange for lunch:) Seems like a good deal (Plus I quite like setting up for parties - it's the cleaning up afterwards I can't stand!!).

Tommorrow I'm meeting Nankz at the Ministry of Food for lunch which is great because I haven't seen him or Paul since new years...but I get to hang with them both at the Rad Red Ross party anyways:)

Also having some drinks out with Celia and other tommorrow to celebrate her birthday for the second time (because lots of people were away on Monday due to it being a public holiday and all).

Enough ranting for now...

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Tabitha Dial said...

A Sublime Stitching class? That sounds awesome. It starts on a very awesome day, too!

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Enjoy the read. Thanks so much.